a little blog repair work soon and TV stuff

not here, everything here is ok, but over on another blog that I had passed over to someone else to run and there are some “issues” and some content to cook up, will take up part of my weekend. trying to relocate the groove that was and could be.  reinforcing past success should be relatively easy.  now the hard thing is getting forward motion with my novel…. let alone getting the last few chores of winter prep maintenance done…..lucky tonight to get Grace the golden retriever walked mid evening before that cold rain downpour tapping hard on the roof over my head.  It was warm today all the way up to 17 celsius and that was warmer than the season usually gives by this time of October.  My least favourite time of the year approaches, cold rains in November.

worst part of my week, early morning driving on the 400 highway down to the north end of Toronto. grrrrrrr.

some TV stuff

ABC’s Last Resort continues to entertain my  brain.   I need to find out where that island really is.  Looks too gorgeous to be a real place.  Hope it isn’t Catalina Island.

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have watched my way through two seasons of In Plain Sight with Mary McCormack and Fred Weller as US Marshal Inspectors  in the Witness Protection program set in Albuquerque, NM.    Love the show.  Next month I will purchase season 3 and so on to the end — it finished its five year run this year.

It is too bad that the producers were not able to put the US Marshal  Raylan Givens from Justified together with the Marshals from In Plain Sight in some kind of crossover two parter.  We can dream can’t we.  Would have been fun to watch Mary Shannon size up Raylan and vice versa.

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