Poem – I Have My Suspicions

I Have My Suspicions

you whirl around
and see your life is gone
blasted past
detonated, burning
totally frackked
every mistaken choice zippered shut
from the tip of your waking eyeball
in a warm bed,
air fouled, the cat staring at you
beginning to meow
the appetite of wonder
the rug kisses your feet like an alligator might
you fall all the way down the hall to the bathroom
all six feet
your face is stuck on the glass mirrored wall
and it is the police booking shot without a number
you will get that later
the girl of your dreams left town twenty five years ago
and you were at the bus station and she took the train

I heard a chickadee and then a crow
and knew I was alive another day

the man with his baby
I won’t be him
that slipped by
I slipped by like an elephant on ice
like a mountain man of the mind
catching ice cold water in my cupped hands
feeling the sun
sneaking all the way into the glory of being all by myself

the traffic was lapping a glacier
the radio was my best friend
I had seen you five years ago
the woman in the car beside me
looked like you
everybody has their own flavour nightmare

roll some bandages
check all the clips
keep some bottled water handy
for thirst, for fires, for icemaking

everyobody is going to the movies

I made a chccklist and handed it to my guardian angel
he threw up
butterflies flew out of his mouth
hit the –30 Celsius wind chill
every one of them shattered

let it all rip
let it all hang out baby

the did or didn’t always works

being on the same page



American Bantam car photos

Amercian Bantam Car company operated from 1935 to 1941.  These photos were taken a few years back by me when the American Bantam Car association held its annual convention in Midland, Ontario.  American Bantamwon the original competition to produce the Reconnaisance Car 40 for the US ARMY but the competition was reopened over concerns the company did not have the capaciy to produce enough jeeps.  Willys Overland won the second competition and American Bantam made jeep trailers.

I believe my camera this day was my Canon G2.

some marsh/wetland photos today near Elmvale, Ontario

had a coffee with another photonut this morning and then took some photos on the way home, mostly at the Tiny Marshes just northwest of Elmvale, Ontario, Canada. using my Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm lens.

When I was standing on the gravel covered trail into the marsh, I reached down for a stone and tossed it to land on the pond water to check if it was frozen.  Turns out the ice skin was just forming.