I wouldn’t upgrade to Windows 8

I did and I rue the day.  Two main issues: there aren’t drivers for some of my existing devices which ran full functionality in Win 7, and despite paying twelve dollars more for the bonus software pack to get the Windows 8 Windows Media Player in order to play my old movie dvds on my laptop, it doesn’t work quite right.  My cursor is invisible when I run this app which makes selecting and running the dvd player controls a tad awkward.  I like the Win 8 style and apps in other ways but these two shortcomings are bad.   I would wait and see if drivers get written for your specific devices before making the leap.

a shaky start to the year

I have been battling the most vile and vicious stomach flu of my almost 6 decades this week.  I have lost about ten lbs and it is not a recommended diet technique.   Keeping me amused is my laptop, iPad2 and Blackberry RIM tablet.  The only strike against the RIM is the smaller size.  With my aging eyesight I wish it was ten inches.  I do admire its ability to move from app to app in a blink of the eye.  Some pleasing and annoying things about Win 8 on my laptop, but we are starting to get along.  Anyway many entertaining things available thru these gadgets.