Had my angiogram on Tuesday. The verdict is I am viable for a kidney transplant. My heart is not too bad it seems. I started hemodialysis a little over four years ago. In Ontario when you start dialysis you start on the transplant list. This was the final test. Worst part of kidney failure aside from long treatments each week, some fifteen hours, is the restricted diet. I can start dreaming about eating bananas again.

My nephrology dialysis treatment is done at a small satellite unit with 8 dialysis machines.  Treatments are done Monday to Saturday with a morning shift and an afternoon shift.  My treatments are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with my run the longest in this unit at 4.5 hours. Most other patients have 3.5 or 4 hours of dialysis.

Since I began dialysis three fellow patients have rec’d kidneys.  Sadly four patients have died.   I am very happy to hear this news about my viability.  I hope it works out all the way to a new kidney.

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