Microsoft Word, survival tip, how to change default Normal font for your new documents

Word processing has become engrained in out lives, but sometimes details can rub us the wrong way.

A friend and I were discussing the niceties and not-so-niceties of Microsoft Word over coffee on Saturday.  Later after our propelor hats stopped spinning, I took a look at the infamous and often helpful, speedy but sometimes confusing Word ribbon and figured out how to change the default selection of Calibri 11 point for Normal text.  Steps below show how to do this.

  1. Open a document.
  2. Up on the ribbon look for the styles a little right of center of the ribbon.
  3. Right click on the Normal style.
  4. Select modify.
  5. This opens up a dialog window with a number of options.
  6. Under formatting you can change the font and size from Calibri 11 point. Lot of people like Times New Roman 12 point or Arial 10 point.  You pick what you like.
  7. Select the font you want to use as a default, and the size, I favour 12 point.  Some fonts are slightly larger or smaller – there is no precise equal size here.
  8. Final and important step:  to get this to work in all your documents moving forward you need to check one more option box.
  9. Look down to the bottom of the dialog window.
  10. Be sure to check the option:  New documents based on this template, then click OK.
  11. This should now work and be the default Normal font for any new document you create using the standard blank document in Word.

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