The OS of the future Windows XP?

Blog doubt, a periodic self doubting of one putting time to one’s blog:

It seems I may be just talking to myself with this blog, studying the site stats.  It has been a year.  Not many views or comments. still it remains a worthwhile experiment.  I have a baseball cap stitched up with gnawledge wurker on it, nice red colour.

 Cleaning my Windows, personal computing pain

My Sony Vaio laptop came with Windows 7 and I, brave soul, upped to Windows 8. Then the fog rolled in and the pain in the seat cover began.  It is awkward, It is designed to work best with a touch screen pc.

I am like many people chuffed by the confusing wonderfulness of Wndows 8…. to the extent that I may retreat to Windows 7, a rollback, or even a new laptop with Win 7 not 8 installed.  it looks slick, no denying that, but accomplishing even basic things, like just getting to the bloody control panel, is a nightmare, if you go the primary Win 8 way you get only a few options to change.  i struggled to just change the basic font size of windows so my getting old eyes would have it easier.  Some press reports on this subject recently.  The most surprising detail I saw, a pie chart of operating systems with a huge number of folk still running Windows XP.

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