Kodak Pony 135 Camera

The Kodak Pony cameras are a series of Bakelite bodied small format cameras.

Designer Arthur H Crapsey.

Positioned between the roll film Brownie and the 35mm Signet series.

like the Brownie they lack rangefinders instead using a simple viewfinder.

as with the Signet cameras, they have better glass lenses, the 3 element Anastons and the four element Anastars (all with front element focusing).

variable speed (except for the Pony II), manually cocked Kodak synchronized shutters.

shutter release/film advance interlock (with bypass switch) prevents double exposures

use 35mm film except for the Pony 828 uses roll film, in 35mm width.
film advance and rewind knob.

Kodak Pony 135 Camera

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