computing, next choice

I must confess I struggle with Windows 8 on my Sony Vaio laptop.  Should have left it running Win 7.

News this week that Samsung is ceasing production of desktop PCs. 

I was considering a desktop.

Stock check: Vaio, Gateway laptop primarily used by my sister, Blackberry tablet, iPad2, and wonky screen 17 inch ACER laptop that has to be hooked up to a monitor to work seamlessly.

Computing needs: email, photo editing, word processing, a bit of video editing. I run a schedule database using Access (but that could go by the wayside), blogging, scanner to grab slides (35mm and 110) and old photo prints.

just about all of that could be managed by a tablet, for large text amounts with a keyboard added on somehow..  

I do need a way to get camera files on SD into the device….that ain’t iPad2 or Blackberry, without some kind of PC interface for a transfer, at least not the way I understand things these days.

I considered a MAC Mini but that would mean walking away from a lot of my software and then getting peripherals to agree to the change.

Tablets have such limited storage and of course they are designed for cloud storage.  Cloud storage still leaves me a little nervous.

Lots of questions and no rush for change.

using old manual focus photographic lenses (Sony NEX F3)

If you happen to still have in a drawer somewhere some old lenses for film cameras, especially any old macro lenses of good quality, I have a suggestion how to recycle them into the new digital age.

Various cameras can use these old lenses. but recently I have been using an adapter on my Sony NEX F3 camera to mount old manual focus Contax/Yashica mout lenses. It has a feature that is remarkably useful, helpful and quite elegant. 

Once you frame your shot, you can press a button to temporarily zoom in to your image to fine tune your manual focusing, there are in fact two levels of peaking zoom. Once you continue depressing the shutter, your full image returns and you can take the shot. This feature is outstanding. Adds just a moment to the taking of a shot and the results are perfect.

The camera uses aperture priority and you get a perfectly exposed shot. 

My adapter came thru and cost just $29. There is a large number of adapters for the various lenses from various manufacturers.

I imagine all the NEX cameras have this feature. The F3 is entry level and can be purchased for $400-450. Shop around. I got mine thru a special sale item from Staples.

It is very satisfying to be able to use effectively those fine old, high quality optics from film photography days.



Silly bad documentation D link wireless router

Simple router, terrible doc. The graphic confuses, the sequence involves your computer, your cable modem and the new router. You will need two ethernet cables, one supplied with router. It had me confused for awhile. Forty minutes of confusion, but only five minutes of actual configuring. One part of this is the unfamiliarity.

I last set up a wireless router about five years ago. Today i replaced that router which stopped working.

Cost today was 29 dollars and forty minutes and a little head scatching.

A better diagram could easily be drawn.