my old review of a film on IMDB rediscovered

today I added a review of The Butler to IMDB, not yet posted, BTW run to see this great movie.  Found I had written just one other review on IMDB back in 2006.

Triggermen (2002)

like a big shaggy dog, impossible not to like

I don’t know if anyone else has used this plot before but I think it is one of those gem ideas that can go anywhere. As I started to watch this, my fascination with the premise of the piece grew and grew. The various characters comfortably held my attention as I continued to wonder how it was going to work out. What more can you ask of a movie.

Donnie Wahlberg was excellent, but then he always is (Sgt. Lipton in Band of Brothers, how hard was it to stand out in a huge ensemble of guys of military service age, but he did more than fine). Watching Pete Postlethwaite‘s face is like reading a library full of quality novels all in a glance. He is perfect in the role. I wish Rappaport had a little more to do in this one. Neil Morrissey and Adrian Dunbar were perfectly matched as low-rent crooks stumbling into a little more than they could handle. I am going to see where else I can find Claire Forlani‘s work, she was very, very likable in this. At the end I finally realized how little time was spent outside the hotel but that was okay with me.

I would recommend this movie to any friend.”

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