Poem – Water and Rocks

Water and rocks

When I am the water

running, holding,

you are the rocks


When I am the rocks

you wear away my skin

a molecule at a time


it is the slow race

reaching a touch

trailing the limits of the hour


and every moment a star in a full sun sky.


You know me now

I hear you yet again

the repetition of knowledge

and the familiarity is

unquestionably a disguise

for the children’s pageant

somewhere our parents are watching us

fighting their arguments again

uneasy in the eddy of the past

in the same chemical state

of exhaustion and retreat

I remember the statement you made about tears.

Yesterday I saw you cry.

Yesterday when I was alone I cried.

It was a mixture of missing

the yell and grin of my father

the sometimes stone

hate silence of my mother

and her working

harder than humanly possible.

It is not a pretty picture

the racking gasping wailings

of an almost old man

where does the ache come from

the emptiness of a whole life

ignoring joy

chasing nothing more than

illuminated rejection on a plate.

I look out the window

see the tiny car full of clowns

squeal past

with the mother elephant and her baby

bringing up the end of the parade

and I laugh


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