Dialysis Troubles

Bluetyger - William J. Gibson's Notebook

Interesting dialysis day today, first my car’s electrical system failed, but I at least made it to the hospital, secondly, the fire in the hospital’s boiler room took place around 1030am, the dialysis patients were evacuated safely. I got my car towed to the Toyota dealer. And my sister helped out and we got safely home.

The fire department were not very fast in showing on the scene…22 minutes…Penetang Hospital has dialysis and geriatric ward and some rehab, lots of patients to move in a more serious fire.

The afternoon dialysis patients could not be treated, instead the nurses will somehow do three “runs” rather than the normal two tomorrow. I am back for treatment Wednesday. I am fine. We could definitely smell smoke. Seems a power outage, more of a brownout, part of the town of Penetang, affected some electric motors.

In the end they just got the eight…

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