the technology lie

The past week has seen me struggle to keep my not terribly technology inclined sister emailed up.

She used to work in public health and had managed her email with MS Outlook, and of course, its calendar was heavily used for arranging meetings.  On the home front she has managed with the products that Microsoft deigned to give out for free, Outlook Express, then Windows Live Mail.  Microsoft kept taking away free email clients and then bringing in short lived replacements.  Now with Windows 8.1, the tool is simply called Mail.  It has a fresh, clean, uncluttered look and it has had my sister quite baffled.  I have had a few vocabulary enriched moments with it myself.

Being a neat freak, she has the relatively bad habit of deleting a lot of her emails.  We are not talking about a lot of messages.  But one feature that seems dense and dumb is the failure of the Mail tool to automatically turn email receipt contacts into contacts.  It rather asks you to select an email sender, choose add to contacts and then confirm the add a second time.  We stumbled with that at first.   It is such a clean tool, it has my sister confused, which is not her fault.   We have reviewed things one more time and she seems more at ease with the product.

I am considering doing nothing new and seeing how we manage or buying MS Office 365 (which includes MS Outlook) or junking the entire Windows experience and buying her a MAC.

This technology stuff is supposed to be getting easier, that is the lie we all fall for.

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