camera new, not sure why

Fujifilm S8200 talked me into bringing it home. 40x zoom, powered by 4 AA, 16megapixels, evf, nice feel in the hand….perhaps one gripe, seems there is no way to mount a glass filter which I prefer to fumbling with a lens cap.  A very nice shooter in all other respects.  The 40x zoom is great fun. Very solid feeling camera.  I have been finding the Nikon D3100 with two lenses 18-55 and 55-200 too heavy a load to tote for everyday, casual shooting.  This smaller, lighter package gives me a long reaching lens in  a comfortable package.  Price 249.00. AF seems smooth and fast to me.   EVF is adequate.  A good choice.


Cadbury and Sugarfoot posed for the new cam



my car posed as well, the frost is out of this dirt road not far from my habitation, a little south of Georgian Bay on the Sturgeon River

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