a few words to ponder in the pool of knowledge and information

documentation (dòk´ye-mèn-tâ¹shen) noun
1. a. The act or an instance of the supplying of documents or supporting references or records. b. The documents or references so supplied.
2. The collation, synopsizing, and coding of printed material for future reference.
3. Computer Science. The organized collection of records that describe the structure, purpose, operation, maintenance, and data requirements for a computer program.

Evidence: evidence (noun)
evidence, facts, data, biodata, curriculum vitae, résumé, case history
grounds, REASONS
premises, PREMISE
hearsay, hearsay evidence, REPORT
indirect evidence, collateral evidence, secondary evidence
circumstantial evidence, CIRCUMSTANCE
constructive evidence, SUPPOSITION
prima facie evidence
internal evidence, presumptive evidence, direct evidence, demonstrative evidence, final evidence, conclusive evidence, proof, ironclad proof, DEMONSTRATION supporting evidence, corroboration

verification, confirmation, CERTAINTY
rebutting evidence, COUNTEREVIDENCE
one-sided evidence, ex parte evidence
piece of evidence, fact, relevant fact
document, exhibit, fingerprints, DNA fingerprinting, genetic fingerprinting, RECORD
clue, HINT
symptom, syndrome, sign, sure sign, INDICATION
mention, reference, quotation, citation, chapter and verse
one’s authorities, documentation line of evidence, chain of authorities,authority, scripturality, canonicity

Demonstrate demonstration 
demonstration, logic of facts, documentation, authentication, EVIDENCE
proven fact, TRUTH
proof, rigorous proof
establishment, conclusive proof, final proof
conclusiveness, irrefragability, CERTAINTY
verification, ascertainment, EXPERIMENT
deduction, inference, argument, triumph of argument, REASONING
exposition, clarification, MANIFESTATION
burden of proof, onus probandi, onus

Record: record (noun)
record, recording, documentation
historical record, acta, memoir, chronicle, annals, history, NARRATIVE
biographical record, case history, résumé, curriculum vitae, C.V., BIOGRAPHY
photograph, portrait, sketch, REPRESENTATION
file, dossier, rogues’ gallery
public record, gazette, official journal, Congressional Record
official publication, blue book, white paper
recorded material, transcript, minutes, transactions
notes, annotations, marginalia, versaria, jottings, clippings, press cuttings

memorabilia, memorandum, memo, REMINDER
reports, annual report, returns, tax returns, statements, REPORT
tally, scoresheet, scoreboard
evidentiary record, form, document, muniment
voucher, certificate, diploma, charter, CREDENTIAL
birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, TITLE DEED
copy, spare copy, carbon copy, Xerox™, facsimile, fax, DUPLICATE
documentation, records, files, archives, papers, correspondence

record, book, roll, register, registry, cartulary
tablet, table, notebook, memo pad, logbook, log, daybook, diary, journal, commonplace book, scrapbook, album

ledger, cashbook, checkbook, ACCOUNT BOOK
catalog, index, waiting list, LIST
card, index card, microfilm, microfiche, MINIATURE
tape, computer tape, DATA PROCESSING
magnetic tape, pressing, RECORD PLAYER
inscription, legend, caption, heading, INDICATION

wall writing, graffiti, SCRIPT


document (dòk¹ye-ment) noun
Abbr. doc.
1. a. A written or printed paper that bears the original, official, or legal form of something and can be used to furnish decisive evidence or information. b. Something, such as a recording or a photograph, that can be used to furnish evidence or information. c. A writing that contains information.
2. Something, especially a material substance such as a coin bearing a revealing symbol or mark, that serves as proof or evidence.
verb, transitive
documented, documenting, documents (-mènt´)
1. To furnish with a document or documents.
2. To support (an assertion or a claim, for example) with evidence or decisive information.
3. To support (statements in a book, for example) with written references or citations; annotate.

[Middle English, precept, from Old French, from Latin documentum, example, proof, from docêre, to teach.]
– doc´ument¹al (-mèn¹tl) adjective



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