miniMac, a treat

I have been struggling with my Windows laptops and so the whole question of mobile computing has become a question worth a fresh look.  I will mobilize myself with my iPad2.  I will desktop with my new as of today miniMac.  It took about fifteen minutes to set up.  A little longer to get all the updates installed.  But it was effortless.


I have previous Mac experience back, way back with an Apple SE used for work at Canada Wire and Cable around 1990.  I still have and it still runs but doesn’t manage well in this day and age an iBook bought in 2000.


A real treat.  Knock wood (lightly tapping my head), let it be fun computing.

George Weller, journalist extraordinary World War II

George Weller, journalist, (July 13, 1907 – December 19, 2002) was an American novelist, playwright, and journalist for The New York Times and Chicago Daily News. He won a 1943 Pulitzer Prize as a Daily News war correspondent.

Weller’s reports from Nagasaki after its August 1945 nuclear bombing were censored by the U.S. military and not published in full until a book edited by his son in 2006.

I am reading First Into Nagasaki, his account of entering the city after the atom bomb attack and Weller’s War: A Legendary Foreign Correspondent’s Saga of World War II on Five Continents.

Weller’s War is extraordinary, accounts of the war in Africa, Singapore and Java, and other places like Port Moresby. Weller went everywhere and did remarkable reporting. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1943.


POETRY hallway at Art Show in 2000

I helped arrange an art show at the Toronto offices of Cyberplex, a professional internet services company where I worked, in 2000. This was a mixed media event with work by many staff not just the design department. Here is the poetry hallway.

Poems from some half dozen poets on staff.  

Camera was my Sony Mavica FD-7. I recently recovered this photo.



one poem of mine shown

Way Past Midnight


I look at my hands by electric light.
They are becoming the dry wrinkled hands
of an old office man. Not yet my father’s hands
Not my mother’s
which became deflated as she almost made it to 80.
The wrinkles deep,
her skin on her wrists
paper thin
so fragile when they took the blood tests.
She would bruise like they had used a coal shovel on her
We should grow old in a big old house
surrounded by grandchildren
not in the white sheets of the f**king hospitals

I hate the thought of it
sitting beside her as her breathing in the coma shuddering slowing
more work for each breath
I sat in the ugly metal and vinyl padded chair
my hand under the sheet holding her leg below the knee
her good leg
not the left with the stroke twisted ankle
feeling the warmth of her in my hand
and the shudders of her breathing growing harder
and slower and slowing
to nothing
her mouth still open
the IV pump with saline and the other line morphine
I listened
and listened for another breath
then I walked around to look at her face
half turned from me
my hand brushing her hair
still brown, just a line or two of grey
then I sat back down in the chair
and put my hand back on her leg below the knee
and felt her warmth and it was quiet, January quiet
then I got ready to go find a nurse
to check for a pulse, a heartbeat, and to find neither sound,
just the shell still, three days short of her 80th birthday,
and then to tell me that
my mother was dead
and then the doctor who I had never seen before
came to tell me
that my mother was dead
for the second time
the doctor a young woman
younger than me
following her training
having put on the doctor face
with emotion tucked away
explained to me that my mother had passed away
I said, “I know. I was there.”
The nurses on the floor looked at me as I waited
for my sister to arrive
they looked at my face
my hands spread out held high
holding the metal doorframe of the room
so that the building would not explode
the metal was cool
and had no wrinkles.

some manipulated images from a S0NY MAVICA FD-7

Sony Mavica FD-7 was an early digital camera I purchased in 1997.  It stored image files on a 3.5 microdiskette, small files of either 24 or 45 kilobytes, depending on the quality you chose.

These images were recently recovered.   They were manipulated for art effect using an old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Images taken in central Ontario.

some old stats, my days on

logo of, it came visting to the offices of Cyberplex in Toronto in 2000

logo of, it came visting to the offices of Cyberplex in Toronto in 2000

my first online photograhy posting spots were on, now defunct

some of the numbers

50,444 visitors as of August 3, 2000

started May 9, 1999


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27,700 visitors as of August 3, 2000

started Jan. 19, 1999