10 things I think I think about photography and photo.net

Bluetyger - William J. Gibson's Notebook

Ten things I think I think: (apologies to Peter King)

1. I think I should spend less time on PN and more taking photographs.

2. I think that it is all about the light.

3. I think that I should have stuck with my first SLR, a Pentax SP 1000 and bought a couple more lenses and stopped right there.

4. I think digital is too easy but I am too lazy.

5. I think that some days I really have no idea what I am doing with my camera and other days when that is perfectly all right.

6. I think the internet is a great place for people to be less polite than they would be if standing within slapping distance.

7. I think photography is a beautiful thing.

8. I think looking and seeing are two different things.

9. I think I should sell all my cameras…

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