my first office

I was offered a part time job with an education research project creating bibliographic databases. My project was funded by the Metropolitan School Board in Toronto and was housed in the research branch of the Ontario Ministry of Education on the fifteen floor of the Mowat Block at Queen’s Park.

My job was writing abstracts of curriculum documents produced by school boards.

I had no office.  I was told there was no office available, not even a space in an office I might share.  I was told to look for a spare chair, some were set out in hallways.  My desk was one of those red brown expanding folders that could hold file folders and papers.  I was given a writing pad, offered a pen, I used my own, shown where the pile of curriculum documents were placed awaiting abstract.  

After awhile I was able to share a desk with another abstractor.  At one point I found myself in an office normally given to one person.  Our team had arranged four desks facing the three walls and the glass window wall. We had our backs to each other.  We could not all back up our chairs and stand up at the same time.

I was the youngest with a B.A. The others were some ten years older, two Master’s and one Ph. D. We shared one phone. This was long before cell phones. Somehow we made that office work well.

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