old style hockey

cold, ice, hockey = great photo

Tay Township Heritage

This week the weather is very mild, but that is not always the case in Tay Township.  One December in the 1990s there was an early, prolonged deep cold snap that froze Georgian Bay without any snow cover.  It was so cold that the ice almost immediately was thick enough and safe enough to permit some local youths play shinny out on the ice of Georgian Bay.  This year NHL Hockey fans are missing their teams.  Once the weather turns cold, they can begin working to prepare natural ice rinks in backyards to create local hockey classics.

This photo was taken that year by me in Victoria Harbour near the old Federal cement dock very close to the present day Quarterdeck Restaurant. – Bill Gibson –


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my secret competition with Auden

It seems W. H. Auden faithfully worked some 5 hours daily on his writing.  I believe I have that right.  The great wrinkled one would have tea and toast. smoke a few thousand cigarettes, swallow some benezedrine and motor along the road to writing glory.  My competition is with that five hour mountain of effort.  I used to as a matter of course work five hours and more at technical writing.  Now I record who won on a given day.  I lose a lot.

My normal work effort of the scribbling kind is now more like two hours.  I include, journal writing and blogging.  I skip comments added to Facebook and tapping the Like key.

On my bucket list unaddressed? To finish a novel, have started several.  To write a screenplay.  I have had a life-long love for the movies.  One of my earliest favourite books about cinema was Truffaut on Hitchcock.  I found it fascinating then.  I am toying with the idea of ordering a copy of this classic.

In December I sent out a new chapbook of poems with a sprinkling of pencil sketches I began making this past autumn.  Some kind and encouraging feedback came back.

Today Auden won 5-3.  I will see how it turns out tomorrow.

My pencil sketch of Charles Dickens.  Drawn during hemodialysis treatment (four hours, 1.5 hours approx. for the sketch). I download a photo of the figure, head and shoulders view, to my iPad.  I sit in the treatment chair and position my sketchbook next to the tablet and pencil in my version.