my secret competition with Auden

It seems W. H. Auden faithfully worked some 5 hours daily on his writing.  I believe I have that right.  The great wrinkled one would have tea and toast. smoke a few thousand cigarettes, swallow some benezedrine and motor along the road to writing glory.  My competition is with that five hour mountain of effort.  I used to as a matter of course work five hours and more at technical writing.  Now I record who won on a given day.  I lose a lot.

My normal work effort of the scribbling kind is now more like two hours.  I include, journal writing and blogging.  I skip comments added to Facebook and tapping the Like key.

On my bucket list unaddressed? To finish a novel, have started several.  To write a screenplay.  I have had a life-long love for the movies.  One of my earliest favourite books about cinema was Truffaut on Hitchcock.  I found it fascinating then.  I am toying with the idea of ordering a copy of this classic.

In December I sent out a new chapbook of poems with a sprinkling of pencil sketches I began making this past autumn.  Some kind and encouraging feedback came back.

Today Auden won 5-3.  I will see how it turns out tomorrow.

My pencil sketch of Charles Dickens.  Drawn during hemodialysis treatment (four hours, 1.5 hours approx. for the sketch). I download a photo of the figure, head and shoulders view, to my iPad.  I sit in the treatment chair and position my sketchbook next to the tablet and pencil in my version.



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