-14 degrees Celsius and bright sunshine

Ebeneezer United Church est. 1886

Ebeneezer United Church est. 1886

It may be Spring but the thermometer is not convinced of that fact.  I drove a zig zag pattern of backroads coming home from Midland today.  A beautiful day if chilly.

I have been doing some thinking about improving my writing process including blogging.  More about that next time.

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.”
― Joseph Conrad

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funky fingers

I am not sure what has happened. The fingers of my left hand, especially the baby finger have grown stiff.  I learned to touch type when I was 13. Can’t do it any more. my left fingers won’t bend and flex to work the home keys properly.  Had a talk with my family physician about it this week. We have other fish to fry first. A steroid shot to the finger might be in order,  Typed this touch style with right hand and one finger using left hand.  Strange.