Recent Toil

Windows 10

I successfully updated the laptop my sister uses as her Netflix  access tool for the large Tv in the living room. It took a long time but was smooth. She also uses it for email.  I have recently shown her Pinterest. She found that intriguing. I searched “Nancy Drew” (she is a collector of the books) and found a lot of interesting pins.

Rogers email account password recovery

My password and I got separated. I only found out when I tried to reset email on a secondary device.  I tried online but just chased my own tail for twenty minutes. Rogers technical support were very helpful.

Image digitization

A friend asked me to help with some images for an article intended for a coffee table book.  So I read up once again on prep of hi-res images for printing. It is a little confusing. I am used to prep for online presentation or for images for Powerpoint slide shows that are projected for small sized audiences.

a couple of helpful links:

I used my scanner to copy an old engraving of 19th century logging using my Canon 4in1 printer.  I photographed a photocopy of a pencil drawing of a 17th century Huron village (longhouses and palisade).  I used my Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 18-140 lens mounted on a tripod.

The actual village used 64,000 poles for the palisade.  These were some 40 feet tall.

I loaded the photo in Corel Paint Shop Pro x6. I adjusted the contrast and cloned out some handwritten notes. Finally I saved the edited image trying for maximum quality.  I attempted to send the image to the friend. The scan made it,  The photo bounced back. I tried again compressing the image for a smaller size without sacrificing too much quality. Not sure how we are going to get this finished. We still need to get them to the book publisher.

Below a further compressed version of village drawing.

_DSC2294 r2


I bought a new phone, iPhone 5S yesterday. We shall see but so far so good. I am now completely Apple-ized. iPad 2 Air, MacBook Pro, miniMac and now the phone.


I keep one hand in on Windows with an Acer tower PC running Windows 10.

My eyesight makes life tricky. The Kindle I bought not long ago has tiny menus. A struggle for me.  Kindle runs better fdr me on my iPad2 Air.


Some accessibility features are too much. ( don’t want to give up my digital life.


I use Facebook and Flickr and blogs.  I enjoy it all.