I bought a new phone, iPhone 5S yesterday. We shall see but so far so good. I am now completely Apple-ized. iPad 2 Air, MacBook Pro, miniMac and now the phone.


I keep one hand in on Windows with an Acer tower PC running Windows 10.

My eyesight makes life tricky. The Kindle I bought not long ago has tiny menus. A struggle for me.  Kindle runs better fdr me on my iPad2 Air.


Some accessibility features are too much. ( don’t want to give up my digital life.


I use Facebook and Flickr and blogs.  I enjoy it all.

Taming the mental breakers

Perhaps my greatest barrier to getting on with technology and knowledges is my failing eyesight. My right is gone, my left is ok. But I find light grey sexy fonts on webpages hard to pick out. The young designers who continue to put identifiers?(raised letters or symbols) in black on a black background are unkind. My particular peeve are the black plastic electrical cover plates. Plugging in after sundown is uplifting. There are more old farts everyday


Poem: Office Storm

based on a real incident

Office Storm

People stood watching over the cubicle walls

Nervous and startled and lifted

from the tedium of scribing NorTel documentation.

Three Security guards led him

through our rat maze

for the elevator and out of the building for help.

His nervous breakdown blossomed

from two days of muttering at his desk

past full volume yelling this morning and

Papers from his desk hurled up

Like spume hitting the shore rocks

and trying to fly

Jealous of the gulls,

wanting to be the sky,

hating the ocean,

losing, falling back in step.

I remembered his eyes

as we had passed

in the narrow hallways

of the cubicle maze.

All at once looking at me,

looking through me,

afraid of me,

then hating me,

then looking down to the grey industrial carpet

that would never wear out.

I recalled the women who worked near him retreated,

afraid to be victimized in his firestorm.

The manager trying to settle him

suddenly become a factor of zero.

The rage felt good.

That fire just warmed his heart.

The next day the manager asked me

to take over the man’s project assignment.

Three strikes: short deadline,

no work done, and an unfamiliar writing system.

I quit and went home

wondering where he was

and what manufactured calm

they had injected.

What had happened to his sputtering rage.

All the way gone.

All the way escaped.


wild goose chase


A cam I haven’t used  much lately, the Fujiilm  6200, asked to go out.

I checked the battery level. Found it to be low. That is when the comedy began.

It’s a very good camera, super zoom all the way out to an equivalent of 600mm in 35mm terms. It seems to have a little trouble in low light. Perhaps that is my fault.

I start hunting for its power cable to recharge. No luck.  I wondered if it got tossed out by mistake. I searched online to buy a new one. Again no luck.

Suddenly my brain actually began to work. I picked it up, turned it over, opened the battery compartment. Four AA batteries started laughing out loud at me.

-14 degrees Celsius and bright sunshine

Ebeneezer United Church est. 1886

Ebeneezer United Church est. 1886

It may be Spring but the thermometer is not convinced of that fact.  I drove a zig zag pattern of backroads coming home from Midland today.  A beautiful day if chilly.

I have been doing some thinking about improving my writing process including blogging.  More about that next time.

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.”
― Joseph Conrad

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