manipulating nature photographs

working in a different way to manipulate landscape photos lately

I am working with two cameras these days: digital single lens reflex, Nikon D3100 with a 18-55mm lens, and a point and shoot digital camera, Sony H50 (15x zoom lens).  The software I use to manipulate images is Corel Paint Shop Pro x4.  The technique I use varies.  Mostly it is two steps, local tone mapping which tends to brighten the image a little too much for my liking and then I darken the image by using the brightness/contrast function.   Then after that I may try a few others things with the software.  My goals is to get a darker, richer, more contrasty image.  A somewhat surreal image.  Sometimes that is the goal.  I am never completely satisfied.  My personal handicap is red green colour blindness which is a problem for more subtle colour editing.

writers and genres, some recommendations and a poem: Procedure for writing non-fiction

English: Silver Pencil Sharpener

English: Silver Pencil Sharpener (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

fiction – Pete Dexter

biography – Robert Caro

crime – Lawrence Block

essays – E.B. White

short plays – Sam Shepard

screenplays – Robert Towne  and Preston Sturges

my old poem

Procedure for writing non-fiction

Spin around three times in your swivel chair.
Cast over each shoulder the mixture
Of pencil sharpener shavings and eraser fragments.

Look at the empty page.

Close your eyes and say:

E.B. White
E.B. White
E.B. White