some old aircraft photos 2

a variety of aircraft from World War One to the 1960s, my photos taken at a couple of locations:

Base Borden Museum, Angus, Ontario, Canada

Warplanes Heritage Museum, Hamilton Airport, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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old Canadian fighter plane

two photos I took at Base Borden Museum, Angus, OntarioCF-5 1968-1995.



The Canadair CF-5 (officially designated the CF-116 Freedom Fighter) was the Canadair licensed-built version of the American Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter aircraft primarily for the Canadian Forces. The CF-5 was upgraded periodically throughout its service career in Canada. The Canadian Forces retired the type in 1995, although CF-5s continued to be used by other countries into the early 21st century.

The CF-5 was ordered by the Royal Canadian Air Force, which became part of the Canadian Forces on 1 February 1968. The new unified force took delivery of the first CF-5s (it was almost universally referred to as the CF-5 except in official documentation) at the end of 1968. Total production by Canadair for Canadian Forces was 89 single-seat aircraft and 46 dual-seat aircraft. Many were also built for the Netherlands and Norway as well, and some surplus aircraft were sold to Venezuela.[