wild goose chase


A cam I haven’t used  much lately, the Fujiilm  6200, asked to go out.

I checked the battery level. Found it to be low. That is when the comedy began.

It’s a very good camera, super zoom all the way out to an equivalent of 600mm in 35mm terms. It seems to have a little trouble in low light. Perhaps that is my fault.

I start hunting for its power cable to recharge. No luck.  I wondered if it got tossed out by mistake. I searched online to buy a new one. Again no luck.

Suddenly my brain actually began to work. I picked it up, turned it over, opened the battery compartment. Four AA batteries started laughing out loud at me.

camera new, not sure why

Fujifilm S8200 talked me into bringing it home. 40x zoom, powered by 4 AA, 16megapixels, evf, nice feel in the hand….perhaps one gripe, seems there is no way to mount a glass filter which I prefer to fumbling with a lens cap.  A very nice shooter in all other respects.  The 40x zoom is great fun. Very solid feeling camera.  I have been finding the Nikon D3100 with two lenses 18-55 and 55-200 too heavy a load to tote for everyday, casual shooting.  This smaller, lighter package gives me a long reaching lens in  a comfortable package.  Price 249.00. AF seems smooth and fast to me.   EVF is adequate.  A good choice.


Cadbury and Sugarfoot posed for the new cam



my car posed as well, the frost is out of this dirt road not far from my habitation, a little south of Georgian Bay on the Sturgeon River

Camera chit chat – my Olympus SZ-14 24x zoom

I bought this about two months ago and have used it enough and in enough situations to have a few observations.

  • price was $129
  • compact to easily fit in a coat pocket
  • I like the pronounced bulged grip
  • not so crazy about the tiny wrist strap, I am looking for a replacement
  • no evf or optical viewfinder, but a nice back panel to take an review photos
  • I shoot mainly in Program mode, more control over settings
  • sometimes use SCN mode as well
  • SD card
  • battery is rechargeable, shoots for a longish time, no problem with it so far.

The SZ14 indoors at night is perhaps a little too confident about its image stabilization ability.  With ISO set to Auto, it often chooses 1/4 of a second, which produces mixed results.  It is possible to chang ISO in Program Mode to ISO HIGH, but the camera is still cocky and only raises shutter speed to a less than quick 1/15th of a second.  Part of the blame is my home is not terribly well illuminated and has lots of dark wood panelling, circa 1970 in it.

To be honest given how well this camera works generally, I am still working out if it isn’t me doing something dumb that is creating this dark at night slow shutter speed problem.

Other than this slight quirk, I like the SZ14 and carry it with me often becasue it is small, compact enough to be pocketable, and takes decent pictures.  It also cost just $129.00