my tour of the new Midland Cultural Centre

A visit to the new Midland Cultural Centre in Midland, Ontario, Canada, on possibly the hottest day of a very hot summer.

I renewed my membership in the Quest Art School and Gallery who now reside at the centre on King Street in downtown Midland.

I took a guided tour of the new facility and encountered Mr. R. Weber, the man who made this centre happen,  He is the man with the hat standing on the 150 seat performance theatre in the slide show. He has funded a beautiful arts building.  From my antique experience with amateur theatrics at the University of Toronto and for about twelve years after that, I had to keep wiping the drool from my chin.  It is an exceptional facility.  The word from performers is that the acoustics are very very fine in this building.

The amateur theatre group Huronia Players will be performing their productions (two groups = children and adult levels)

I had a tasty lunch, pulled pork sandwich, at the Cafe Roxy in the MCC, successfully resisting the temptation of the dynamite looking brownies and other pastries in the glass case.  Those glass cases are the tools of the devil.

For more information about the centre see:

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old information still golden

This summer it seems my major volunteer effort is going to be assisting with the gathering of heritage and archaeological information inventory for some townships in Simcoe County, the original site of the Huron people.  Interestingly enough,  the starting point is some archaeology reports prepared by Andrew F. Hunter in the period 1900-1910 for the Minister of Education for Ontario.  I have built a prototype database in Microsoft Acess 2007.

I find it intriguing that this information over 100 years old is still the base foundation for archaeological work in this part of Ontario.