Stupendous photo book – Lost London 1870-1945 by Philip Davies

Great book I spotted while searching in Chapters On Saturday. My sister treated me to it: $29.95.

 Lost London 1870-1945 by Philip Davies. English Heritage.

More than 500 spectacular unseen photographs of London, taken between 1875 and 1945, from the Archives of English Heritage. This unique archive shows Elizabethan, Georgian and Victorian London before the major 20th century redevolopment. Athoritative text by Philip Davies from English Heritage.

My plan is to select some of the photos and use thme as guides for some pencil and pen and ink drawings.Image…chilling to see so many buiildings lost to German bombing during WW II.

Great photos, fascinating historical information,  a real pleasure to carefully read.

Be warned this book weighs one ton even, heavy paper for exceptional print reproduction quality.

this link is to a video describing the book


World War One Army Nurse comes home

World War One Army Nurse comes home

from the April 3, 1919 issue of The New Era, newspaper published in Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada — I photographed this donation to the Huronia Museum, and prepared the post for the Tay Township Heritage blog, Victoria Harbour and Waubaushene are located in Tay Township, in Simcoe County, in Ontario, Canada

PAK 40 7.5 cm anti-tank gun

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293547401_a55e1869603 photos taken at Base Borden Military Museum at Angus, Ontario in Canada.

The 7.5 cm Pak 40 (7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40) was a German 7.5 centimetre anti-tank gun developed in 1939-1941 by Rheinmetall and used during the Second World War. Pak 40 was primary German anti-tank guns for the latter part of World War II.

some old aircraft photos 2

a variety of aircraft from World War One to the 1960s, my photos taken at a couple of locations:

Base Borden Museum, Angus, Ontario, Canada

Warplanes Heritage Museum, Hamilton Airport, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Simcoe County a simple reference timeline

Simcoe County in central Ontario, Canada, with selected contemporary events

  • 1200 Hurons enter region
  • 1534 Cartier up St. Lawrence River
  • 1603 Queen Elizabeth  I dies
  • 1607 Jamestown, Virginia
  • 1608 Champlain – Quebec
  • 1610 Étienne Brûlé winters in Huronia, first European  
  • 1611 Henry Hudson dies in Hudson Bay
  • 1615 Fr. LeCaron and Champlain visit Huronia
  • 1616 Shakespeare dies
  • 1620 Mayflower at Plymouth Colony
  • 1623 Fr. Sagard in Huronia
  • 1634 Jesuits return to Huronia
  • 1649 Iroquois – Huron War – dispersal of Hurons
  • 1650 >  travellers, hunters
  • 1670-92 Ojibway defeat Mohawk
  • 1781 siege of Yorktown end of American War of Independence
  • 1791 Upper Canada created, John Graves Simcoe
  • 1808 Pentenguishene Rd. surveyed
  • 1814-15 building of Penetanguishene Road
  • 1819 Barrie depot and Fort Willow
  • Midhurst 1825?
  • Settlers:  Flos and Vespra townships
    • Upper Flos settlement begins  1834-35
    • Apto 1851
  • Barrie was incorporated in 1850 as a “town“
  • 1909 History of Simcoe County by A.F. Hunter