breathing life back into my eleven year old iBook

spent some time trying to see if I could find any old photos or other files of interest on my old iBook which I bought back in 2001….without the wifi aircard, and with just a 40 gb hard drive…..a little trouble with the replacement battery not willing to hold a charge and a slightly smecked connector on the power adapter but I got it running and spent some time poking around with files on it.


new laptop first impressions

Sony Vaio E series

liking it, battery length with no DVD use is about 5 hours, like the case and the white keyboard., texture pattern on the case is also very very nice

with DVD use, charge time drops to near three hours.

my previous laptop was a lower priced Gateway that had a couple of ergonomic features that I never got totally comofortable with….an odd touchpad design, and a shortish battery charge length……but it was inexpensive and worked ok for my kind of software efforts.

probably my favourite laptop is my still running but needing some replacement parts (battery number 3 and the power adapter cable) iBook G3 that I bought back in 2001.

I am considering spending for those parts and using it for word processing, hmmmm

this time around the budget just could not handle the Apple laptop price points and the 13.3 inch screen turned me off.