Recent Toil

Windows 10

I successfully updated the laptop my sister uses as her Netflix  access tool for the large Tv in the living room. It took a long time but was smooth. She also uses it for email.  I have recently shown her Pinterest. She found that intriguing. I searched “Nancy Drew” (she is a collector of the books) and found a lot of interesting pins.

Rogers email account password recovery

My password and I got separated. I only found out when I tried to reset email on a secondary device.  I tried online but just chased my own tail for twenty minutes. Rogers technical support were very helpful.

Image digitization

A friend asked me to help with some images for an article intended for a coffee table book.  So I read up once again on prep of hi-res images for printing. It is a little confusing. I am used to prep for online presentation or for images for Powerpoint slide shows that are projected for small sized audiences.

a couple of helpful links:

I used my scanner to copy an old engraving of 19th century logging using my Canon 4in1 printer.  I photographed a photocopy of a pencil drawing of a 17th century Huron village (longhouses and palisade).  I used my Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 18-140 lens mounted on a tripod.

The actual village used 64,000 poles for the palisade.  These were some 40 feet tall.

I loaded the photo in Corel Paint Shop Pro x6. I adjusted the contrast and cloned out some handwritten notes. Finally I saved the edited image trying for maximum quality.  I attempted to send the image to the friend. The scan made it,  The photo bounced back. I tried again compressing the image for a smaller size without sacrificing too much quality. Not sure how we are going to get this finished. We still need to get them to the book publisher.

Below a further compressed version of village drawing.

_DSC2294 r2

Spring photos central Ontario

my photos this week in Tay Township about 100 miles north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and one mile south of Georgian Bay…..

camera new, not sure why

Fujifilm S8200 talked me into bringing it home. 40x zoom, powered by 4 AA, 16megapixels, evf, nice feel in the hand….perhaps one gripe, seems there is no way to mount a glass filter which I prefer to fumbling with a lens cap.  A very nice shooter in all other respects.  The 40x zoom is great fun. Very solid feeling camera.  I have been finding the Nikon D3100 with two lenses 18-55 and 55-200 too heavy a load to tote for everyday, casual shooting.  This smaller, lighter package gives me a long reaching lens in  a comfortable package.  Price 249.00. AF seems smooth and fast to me.   EVF is adequate.  A good choice.


Cadbury and Sugarfoot posed for the new cam



my car posed as well, the frost is out of this dirt road not far from my habitation, a little south of Georgian Bay on the Sturgeon River

Stupendous photo book – Lost London 1870-1945 by Philip Davies

Great book I spotted while searching in Chapters On Saturday. My sister treated me to it: $29.95.

 Lost London 1870-1945 by Philip Davies. English Heritage.

More than 500 spectacular unseen photographs of London, taken between 1875 and 1945, from the Archives of English Heritage. This unique archive shows Elizabethan, Georgian and Victorian London before the major 20th century redevolopment. Athoritative text by Philip Davies from English Heritage.

My plan is to select some of the photos and use thme as guides for some pencil and pen and ink drawings.Image…chilling to see so many buiildings lost to German bombing during WW II.

Great photos, fascinating historical information,  a real pleasure to carefully read.

Be warned this book weighs one ton even, heavy paper for exceptional print reproduction quality.

this link is to a video describing the book


camera shelf: Nikon Coolpix E5700 (intro 2002)

Nikon Coolpix E5700 - triple view

Nikon Coolpix E5700 – triple view

Nikon Coolpix E5700 (intro 2002) 5 megapixel, 8x zoom – 35-280mm equivalent in 35mm film camera terms, magnesium body, uses compact flash card…The 5700 was very pricey when new. Recently I saw it listed as used for $299 on Henry’s Cameras website. It has what seems today to be a postage stamp sized, articulating 1.5 inch screen. The camera was introduced in May 2002. I have used a Nikon Speedlight 80DX with this camera. Although the balance is a bit special. It makes great flash shots. The EVF, electronic viewfinder was usable, especially in bright sun which made the LCD awkward to use.  I had a lot of fun with this very solid feeling camera.  I will recharge the battery and give it a go in 2013.  Perhaps that will cure me of my advertising driven burn to buy a new camera.

The shot of Grace was taken in August of 2012.  Since then I have acquired  a multi-card reader to get data from the 5700’s compact flash card.


Grace in August 2012, cropped severely from original

Grace in August 2012, cropped severely from original


Midland Public Library before the expansion/renovation, Midland, Ontario, Canada



the late Sundance Kid

the late Shakespeare

the late Shakespeare