scanning some old repro slides early logging lumber images

some photos from my scanning volunteer work for the Huronia Museum

Parry Sound from 1869-1929

  • images were photographed on 35mm slide film, Kodachrome and Ektachrome,
  • slides donated to museum in 1996 for the most part,
  • I used Vuescan software to get my 12 year old Epson Perfection 2450 flatbed scanner with transparency light bar to work with Windows 7
  • images taken into Corel Paint Shop Pro x4 for further editing
  • the colour slide film left images with in many instances a dark blue hue which I eliminated by changing to grey scale, that alone made the image seem sharper and with more detail to the eye
  • did some tricks to increase dynamic range trying to get a full black to white range not just a narrow thin range of greys
  • some sharpening
  • in some cases I was able to improve the amount of visible detail
  • hard to say if the repro photography was mixed in quality or the original photo prints were the culprits
  • the earliest shot was from May 1869, some from 1896, some from 1900, 1902 and 1908

Mike Connealy – perfect example of a focused blog

Photography and Vintage Cameras by Mike Connealy is a perfectly focused one subject blog.  You will find information and photos on vintage film cameras and photos, excellent photos made with the old gear. Many photos of the US southwest.

I “met” Mike a few years back on  He is a thoughtful gentleman. He and I did a little lobbying and helped get the vintage camera forum established on’s Classic Manual Camera Forum is friendly, active, informative and entertaining forum.

For a fun online experience check out both, you will have fun and learn something.

below, a Voigtlander Vitessa, 35mm film folding camera with 50mm lens

Vitessa, the tall plunger sticking up is the film advance lever, the lens retracts into the body and the “barn doors” close for a pocketable size.