Corona Special Folding Typewriter No. 3

13806129745_cafe842801_b saw this yesterday in a nearby antiques store… case, backspace key with it but the antiques guy could not get it fitted back on the machine, still very clean, very snappy key actions, carriage return works well, I was tempted and may go back for it.

Made around 1928-30.  Seems some 600,000 were made.  I checked prices on ebay and the price locally is tempting.

It is an interesting typewriter and would make a great addition to my collection.



breathing life back into my eleven year old iBook

spent some time trying to see if I could find any old photos or other files of interest on my old iBook which I bought back in 2001….without the wifi aircard, and with just a 40 gb hard drive…..a little trouble with the replacement battery not willing to hold a charge and a slightly smecked connector on the power adapter but I got it running and spent some time poking around with files on it.


Mike Connealy – perfect example of a focused blog

Photography and Vintage Cameras by Mike Connealy is a perfectly focused one subject blog.  You will find information and photos on vintage film cameras and photos, excellent photos made with the old gear. Many photos of the US southwest.

I “met” Mike a few years back on  He is a thoughtful gentleman. He and I did a little lobbying and helped get the vintage camera forum established on’s Classic Manual Camera Forum is friendly, active, informative and entertaining forum.

For a fun online experience check out both, you will have fun and learn something.

below, a Voigtlander Vitessa, 35mm film folding camera with 50mm lens

Vitessa, the tall plunger sticking up is the film advance lever, the lens retracts into the body and the “barn doors” close for a pocketable size.