The OS of the future Windows XP?

Blog doubt, a periodic self doubting of one putting time to one’s blog:

It seems I may be just talking to myself with this blog, studying the site stats.  It has been a year.  Not many views or comments. still it remains a worthwhile experiment.  I have a baseball cap stitched up with gnawledge wurker on it, nice red colour.

 Cleaning my Windows, personal computing pain

My Sony Vaio laptop came with Windows 7 and I, brave soul, upped to Windows 8. Then the fog rolled in and the pain in the seat cover began.  It is awkward, It is designed to work best with a touch screen pc.

I am like many people chuffed by the confusing wonderfulness of Wndows 8…. to the extent that I may retreat to Windows 7, a rollback, or even a new laptop with Win 7 not 8 installed.  it looks slick, no denying that, but accomplishing even basic things, like just getting to the bloody control panel, is a nightmare, if you go the primary Win 8 way you get only a few options to change.  i struggled to just change the basic font size of windows so my getting old eyes would have it easier.  Some press reports on this subject recently.  The most surprising detail I saw, a pie chart of operating systems with a huge number of folk still running Windows XP.

I wouldn’t upgrade to Windows 8

I did and I rue the day.  Two main issues: there aren’t drivers for some of my existing devices which ran full functionality in Win 7, and despite paying twelve dollars more for the bonus software pack to get the Windows 8 Windows Media Player in order to play my old movie dvds on my laptop, it doesn’t work quite right.  My cursor is invisible when I run this app which makes selecting and running the dvd player controls a tad awkward.  I like the Win 8 style and apps in other ways but these two shortcomings are bad.   I would wait and see if drivers get written for your specific devices before making the leap.

don’t do this

William J. Gibson

William J. Gibson

For some reason I decided to drive myself a little bit crazy this week.  I was trying to learn two things at once: to get more out of Windows 8 by adding apps and getting familar with apps on my iPad2. Tis a wee bit confusing to do this.

One observation,  numerous times when using the Windows 8 apps I find myself beginning to reach for the screen to swipe only to stop mid gesture because my laptop is not a touch screen.

I like both of these packages.

In some ways the iPad2 wifi 16gb is the better device to bring to dialysis, it is simply less bulky than the laptop.

I am beginning to suspect that the dialysis nurses are growing a little tired of me and my nesting habits at the dialysis chair.  They are impatient to get the setup for starting the dialysis treatment, the insertion of needles in my fistula and a host of machine settings.

I usually have a coffee container, two pens, a clipboard with notepaper, a set of earphones, then either the laptop or the iPad2.  Some days I bring in a paperback or two that I am in the process of reading.  :Plugging in the laptop can take a moment when I squeeze past the chair to reach the wall plugs.  Some patients come in with a set of earphones for the wall mounted tvs.  One ignores tv and brings a single book.  I am the most elaborate nester.  My dialysis run is the longest at 4 hours and 30 minutes.  The others are 3 and 4 hours.

It is a shame that there is no free wifi for patients available to patients in the hospital where the dialysis clinic is situated.

8 is a curious number

I dove off the cliff and converted my Sony Vaio laptop to Windows 8 from 7.  Started yesterday and am still tweaking things today.  Had a little problem with an old password which my system was supplying for me, but I got past that hiccup.  I miss “right click” more than I would have thought possible and there are moments where I have no idea where ye olde back button might be lurking.    But overall I like the clean, lean look and smell of the new 8.