Poem – On the Ice (2000)

On the Ice

We stood on the lake
Frozen in January
The first year

Of the new millennium
Talking of computers
And the internet.

Just eight feet of water
Under our snow boots.
The dogs rolling, snow baths,

Pushing their snouts
On the ice
Pulling winter inside

Their bodies.
Maybe they thought
They could melt the cold

And bring summer sooner.

old stuff spotted

wandering around Staples store in Midland, Ontario….I spotted on the bottom shelf in the farthest corner of the store, packages of carbon paper.

for those who don’t know what that is…. black sheets of paper when pressed copy impressions on to a blank paper placed behind. often put in the typewriter for making a copy.  very old school. 

preparing a writing space

working on ideas for the conversion of the boathouse (think one car garage space), glass and door changes happen next Friday…..fitting in some tools, two bikes, one desk, one desk chair, two filing cabinets, maybe a loveseat or a three seat couch (must fit golden retriever and one human at the same time), end table, and a few other workshop items like a shop vac. I have two bookcases allocated for tools.

any other must have suggestions? thanks