work, a look back

At age 61 and confronting a series of health related challenges, I look back at the work I used to do.  It seems as many older people point out, rather less important than it seemed at the time. i could have done a better balance of working and living, but I did do some living over, around and beside all that work and all those deadlines, all those silly, insufferable bosses.  Lots of people were cooperative, a few were obstacles.  I did learn that holding onto business information can give you leverage if not actual power.  I am nots ure if I had never done the work whether much of it would have been missed.  A few pieces were helpful and well received. It is worth a moment to look back.  A look ahead is good too, but concentrating on full tilt boogie in the NOW is the best.

Apple orchard at my house

I grew tired of difficulties with my Windows laptop(s), troubles of various kinds.  Never fell in love with Windows 8.

First move was to get a Mac Mini and found it exceptional.  Next a MacBook Pro. Also exceptional.  Last addition to the orchard is due for delivery on December 17th.  It is an iPad Air with 128 gb of storage.  It gets engraving with my name on it and “Gnawledgewurker” as well.  Why other computer makers don’t offer engraving is beyond me.

I used a Macintosh Lisa a couple of times per month back in the 80s.  I used a Mac II and SE at Canada Wire and Cable.  My last Apple product before the past year was an ibook (2001). It was great, still works, but it has had the technology surf race past it.  The hard drive, an upgrade when I bought it was a tiny 40 gb.

I am very happy with the Apple orchard in my home.